Shaping America for Four Generations.

In the many years of its existence, Architectural Stone Sales, Inc. has developed a reputation for dependable quality in workmanship and materials. Because Indiana Limestone is used in projects which have high visibility and architectural importance, the assurance of quality is especially important. The firm's list of long-time customers testifies to the value of this aspect of its "personality". Equally important, the firm honors its commitments.

In order to help do our part to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19 across our community, we are practicing social distancing and are taking every precaution we can to try to keep people healthy.  We deeply care about our employees and we are making these decisions with their best interest in mind, as well as the interests of our broader community.

We are still open and ready to work on projects with you. We have been deemed an essential business by the State of Indiana, given that we supply products critical to maintaining critical infrastructure and building needs for our nation.